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All Oenosylva products are prepared with the utmost care in our production unit Les
Ateliers du Chêne. Les Ateliers du Chêne and the Oenosylva brand conform to food
safety and traceability standards, from the raw materials to the finished product.

Our oenological products are compatible with practices and processes as listed in
CE N°606/2009.

100% integrated oak

Les Ateliers du Chêne are committed to the programme of sustainable forest management (PEFC) and FCBA* certifies that Les Ateliers du Chêne respect the defined criteria for the certification of the chain of control

(FCBA/04-00407) PEFC énoncés dans les référentiels émis par
PEFC (Annexes 15 et 16).

Sécurité alimentaire

Les Ateliers du Chêne adhere to HACCP standards (a systematic preventive approach that identifies, evaluates and controls significant dangers relating to food safety). Bureau Veritas issues a verification statement after inspection (BV/177/ RE) which guarantees the alimentary quality of our products.