Oenosylva products are made from stave quality French oak
whose traceability is guaranteed. The wood is seasoned
naturally in the open air for a minimum of 24 months. Oenosylva
proposes two ranges and three types of toast.

Classic Range

The Classic range is available in two toast options:

• Traditional :

Specific to Dominos (the first products produced in the range). This toast profile was conceived based on experience gained in the cooperage, and brings out rich notes of brioche, liquorice and cocoa.

• Infrared :

The specificity of this toast is to confer richness, structure and texture on the wine whilst respecting the fruit. It is proposed in Staves, Blocks and Inserts.

Flavors Range

Products in the Flavors range are toasted by convection
(except Granules – non-toasted products).

This toast option brings aromatic complexity to the wine thanks to precise profiles
defined in advance. It gives aromas of hazelnut and vanilla, bu
but also tobacco and toasted notes. It is available for Staves, Blocks,
, Chips and Inserts in four levels of toast:
light, medium, medium long and medium+.

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