Œnosylva® is a line of French oak for enological use available in two ranges of products : Classic & Flavors

These top of the range products meet the following production requirements :

• The quality of the raw material : blend of stave-quality French oak produced from two Groupe Charlois stave mills and sourced from highly regarded French forests such as Nevers, Allier, Vosges, Bertranges, Tronçais
Proper stave seasoning : natural air drying for a minimum of 24 months which is the tradition of the cooperage.
Custom production : customized equipment performance allows the tailoring of toast levels on all products, as specified by the winemaker.
Traceability in Groupe Charlois stave mills and in the production site. Control of the wood and its packaging.
Marketing : an established network via the cooperage providing detailed product knowledge, technical documents and customer support.
Continued research : ongoing R&D for the Œnosylva product line.


Traditional Toasting:
This method of toasting has its origins in our experience with traditional toasting in the cooperage. The aromatic complexity extends from deeper toasted notes to licorice, vanilla, hot sugar and cacao. These products have an ideal minimum extraction window of 4 to 6 months, and can be used beginning in alcoholic fermentation, through malo-lactic and into extended aging.

Deep Toasting (Infra-red):
Thanks to the duration and intensity of heat, this kind of toasting permits a soft extraction of tannins and a deeper toast, while respecting a more elegant profile inherent in the oak. Staves, Blocks, Inserts toasted with this method are recommended to lift the bright fruit character, and to structure a wine. Depending of the intensity of the toast, the notes range from slightly grilled toast, to spicy and sweet. These products are recommended for extended aging, with an absolute minimum of 4 months.

Convection Toasting:
With this technology of oven toasting, a regularity and homogeneity of character is assured through the precise control over temperature and time. The aromatic pallet is obtained by targeting four key points on a scale of oak toasting temperature from 180 to 230 degrees centigrade.

The use of convection toasted Staves, Barrel Staves, and Blocks, offers a spectrum of toasted notes ranging from fresh oak, elegant sweetness, and subtly toasted to rich vanilla, crème brulee, chocolate, roast and tobacco.

Allowing for a minimum of 3 months aging, these products will develop the aromatic intensity and complete the palette of a wine – with an extremely high level of predictability and reproducibility.


Origin : Stave-quality oak – Quality : Natural outdoor seasoning minimum 24 months- Traceability guarantee


Origin : Stave-quality oak – Quality : Natural outdoor seasoning minimum 24 months- Traceability guarantee


* The use of stave-quality oak for Oenosylva products brings refined wood to any wine that can be distinguished in tasting regardless of the toasting method employed.
* The traceability and our high quality supply of oak are tightly controlled, and natural air ageing times are always respected.
* The use of any and all 3 types of toasting methods is possible on the same type of wine.
* Thanks to these 3 toasting technologies, and to the quality of our raw material, our products can be adapted to every grape variety and offers the possibility of a personalized and precise ageing regime for any wine.